March 30 2020 blue moon horoscope

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They are made with a lot of […] Read On.

What is a Blue Moon – Really?

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The full moon is a lovely day for socializing at the end of the month, but remember that Mercury is still in retrograde: Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Standout Days: 4, 13, 20 Challenging Days: 18, Go after your goals. On March 17, a new moon affects love and romance.

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You may be holding out for a soul mate, but how many people might you not even be noticing? Soul mates come in all forms, expand your horizons!

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Some lovely energy makes midmonth a prime time to prioritize partnership. When Mercury goes retrograde on March 22, a project may end up needing reworking or revisions, but try to improve and learn from it. Do some decluttering near the beginning of the month.

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On March 28, when Venus conjoins Uranus, love is in the air, and it may surprise you. Be open to love in all forms.

Every time is right to find love and there is no right time. Just go with the flow. And the Libra blue moon on the 31 is absolutely lovely. This is a gold star day to mark on your calendar, as you have charisma and charm to spare, and can get what you want on this day. Standout Days: 6, 13, 19 Challenging Days: 23, Speaking up extemporaneously at a meeting, for example, can reap big rewards. When Mercury enters Aries on March 5, you may have some great ideas that just need implementation.

The new moon on March 17 may make you feel almost psychic. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down, you will be amazed at how they play out IRL. The Libra blue moon at the end of the month closes the month in a quiet, beautiful way. These last days of March are a great time to spend solo or with a partner, truly enjoying the small things in life.

Standout Days: 9, 11, 28 Challenging Days: 4, It may not be official, but people are looking up to you for advice. On the eighth, when Jupiter goes retrograde, you may experience a few challenges. The new moon on the seventeenth is dreamy—literally. The end of the month can bring up challenges, but creative and outside the box thinking can help you sail through them. Standout Days: 1, 16, 25 Challenging Days: 8, When Venus squares Saturn on the thirteenth, some complications occur, but you can come out on top.