February 5 birthday astrology

Each of the elements is dominant for two years, and with five elements the cycle repeats every 10 years.

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This is referred to as the 10 stems or 10 heavenly stems. Knowing your birth element can help you create the best feng shui for your home or office. It can guide the decor colors , items, and areas you should emphasize and minimize.

For example, if you were born in a fire element year, you should use shades of red and yellow fire colors while minimizing white, gray, green, and brown metal and wood colors. You also should emphasize the fireplace and decorate with candles while avoiding metal decor. The 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs change each lunar year. Your birth zodiac animal is said to guide your personality traits and influence your compatibility with certain people.

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In feng shui, the birth animal also can affect the aspects of a dwelling to emphasize and minimize. When paired together, the feng shui elements and zodiac animal signs result in a year cycle called the sexagenary system. There is a little bit of superman hiding within.

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Number 4 this number signifies your meticulous and determined personality. She uses an icicle shaped crystal as a pendulum for divination, or to energize her when she's feeling stuck. Like the animal that acts as their mascot, folks born under the rabbit chinese zodiac are flexible, clever, and good at obtaining ways of self-preservation.

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