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Because of its duality, Geminis can often be on two separate paths at the same time, which means neither path gets the attention it deservers. If you've been being selfish lately, this is the time to rectify the situation. On May 29, the annual Sagittarius full moon illuminates your seventh house of partnerships and interpersonal harmony.

Under the lunar spotlight, your closest relationships will reveal areas where things have gotten imbalanced or words have been left unsaid. For summer-baby Cancer, your desire is probably to stay tucked safely in a cozy cocoon. However, Gemini season will boost the crab's self esteem and bring unexpected attention of the best kind.

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Resist your energy to stay home and ride the wave of adoration as long as it lasts. Seriously, during Gemini season you'll have the rare opportunity to see what it's like to be a Leo. Your own natural and unique traits are spotlighted and noticed," Cafe Astrology noted.

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Venus transits your sign until June 13, so that you'll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself and the attention you're getting. Drama is nothing new for spotlight-loving Leo. However, Gemini season could have lions making risky decisions without fully thinking through the consequences of their actions. Darkstar Astrology warns that a clandestine love affair around June 1 could have a potentially disastrous outcome, which is why it's important to resit the urge to star in your own personal soap opera no matter how appealing it might be, Instead, focus on creating rather than destroying.

If you have an art or musical project to complete take yourself off into nature and allow the inspiration to flow through you.

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You will feel marvelously poetic and bohemian at this time. For perfectionist and detail-oriented Virgo, Gemini season is an ideal time to begin planting the seeds for a long-term project or partnership. Make decisions on purpose with purpose, and always keep the end goal in mind both personally and professionally.

This shouldn't be a problem for Virgos who know that good things come to those who wait. After the opportunity and prosperity of Taurus season, Gemini season will force Libras to get introspective. And, you might not like what you see.

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It's important to exorcise your internal demons during the first half of Gemini season so you can shake off the dark and twisties just in time for summer, though things might get especially rocky around the May 29 full moon. This can feel too much at times as random people spill their heart out to you from every corner, including total strangers. It will seem like you have 'Agony Aunt' tattooed on your forehead for the next two weeks. For mysterious and always-intense Scorpio, Gemini season will prompt you to explore philosophical questions and may have you feeling more introverted than usual.

Go with it. Use this time to focus on any emotional healing you need. Engage in yoga, mediation, and deep introspection. When you emerge from your cocoon, you could be greeted with new romantic possibilities. Both of these zodiac sectors are fearlessly expressive, so ready or not, you'll be speaking your truth and boldly stating your desires," the Astro Twins noted.

This could be one of the year's most romantic or creative days or both! The Jupiter-Neptune trine could herald new love, reignited passion or, for some Scorpios, a pregnancy.

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Sagittarius, if you've been feeling like a solo artist as of late, Gemini season will have you seeking a collaborative partner. Whether it's creative, career based, or a personal-passion project, your enthusiasm is contagious and will inspire others to join you. Let them in. We've got a full moon on October 13th PM ET in fiery Aries, and full moons in Aries tend to come with a lot of energy as Aries is a fire and cardinal sign ruled by energetic Mars.

But with full moons being emotional, we may be driven by what we feel to take action, and can be moved around by emotion.

The 12th house is the house of hidden things, which includes your subconscious mind, your karma and spiritual baggage, and it's the house of endings since it's the last house. Anything in the 12th house tends to be hidden from us, though we may not know it consciously.

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