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Some believe that this trend will be adopted in other parts of Spain as well. There is an interesting anecdote here — when Spain was in the process of accessing European Union, the King Juan Carlos I was asked by other European royal houses to end the tradition of bullfighting for it was regarded as cruel and bloody business.

The horoscope of the First Spain. Modern Spain.

Astrology with Squidward (All shorts)

Horoscope of the modern Spain is for the date of inauguration of Juan Carlos I, now the former King of Spain, who led this country towards democracy. Let us take a look at the cardinal T-square which is very specific for this country, and since this is the period of historical Uranus-Pluto squares from to , it should be noted that this T-square has already been activated…. This square activated the third energy center related to the third chakra, Sun rulers.

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Furthermore, the fifth Uranus - Pluto square happened within the grand Easter cardinal cross April 21, The fifth square activated the fifth energy center related to the throat chakra, i. Mercury voices.

All this corresponds to the possible referendum in Catalonia and voting of Catalan people. Since this square activates seventh energy center, related to Saturn chakra, this will bring some changes of system, state Saturn related to the highest legal act Jupiter.

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