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Now, the stars invite you to do that—but with discretion. You may have a smaller, leaner inner circle, but the people in it are ride-or-die loyalists who actually deserve this all-access pass.

Sagittarius Horoscope (November 23 to December 21)

The year will end on a quieter note. On October 10, Jupiter will downshift into Scorpio and your twelfth house of endings and rest. Mark that date in neon yellow highlighter, Sagittarius, because there could be a few intense moments leading up to it more on that in a bit. Sort, process, release and repair—making way for a fresh start. Friendships and solo projects take precedence over romance for most of this year.

After October, you could meet a soulmate or go through a relationship transition. Watch out for Venus retrograde in March and April, which could stir up drama or the return of an ex. Teamwork makes the dream work! Your collaborations could be fruitful, both virtual and in real-time. Sync up with cutting-edge thought leaders and use digital platforms to launch your message to a wider audience.

What Venus Retrograde 2018 Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With enterprising Jupiter in your technology house, a technology project could go viral. Structured Saturn, the planet of authority, rounds out a three-year visit to Sagittarius this December.

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You could be recognized as a leader or expert in your field. A challenging period of growth and maturity ends in December, when Saturn exits your sign. From there, Saturn brings structure to your work and finances as it moves through Capricorn until March With Jupiter in your teamwork house until October, group fitness and activities keep you motivated, so bring your friends along! Structural Saturn in Sagittarius urges you to take special care of your teeth, skin and bones, getting enough calcium. The last quarter of is an important time for rest and healing, as Jupiter visits your holistic twelfth house.

Pay special attention to the mind-body connection. In October, your ruling planet Jupiter visits your healing twelfth house, sounding the call to slow down and do some deep soul-searching.

Your Sagittarius 2017 horoscope: What’s ahead for your Sun sign?

Setting limits with loved ones continues to be a challenge, as you must balance your own needs with your duty to them. With Jupiter in your group activity zone until October, exciting new friendships add color to your world, so find your tribe and connect with meaningful communities.

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Expanding your network of kindred spirits helps you feel less alone in the world. You could also get involved in a humanitarian or world-bettering project. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope. But you might have to suck it up on Monday, October 7, when the fervent Sun in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology catches major shade from curmudgeonly Saturn in your second house of money and security.

Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope (February)

And up until now you thought they were pretty keen on you. While exasperating, make it your business to not take it personally. Distract yourself with people you know adore you, and wait it out.

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Hang in there, Sag! And, um, yes, that could happen starting Tuesday, when quixotic Venus makes her annual deep dive into Scorpio and your dreamy, internal twelfth house until November 1. Your left brain won't be operating at full strength for the next three weeks, and your defenses may be down, leaving you open to slick pitches and overheated romantic pursuers.